May 30, 2018

The bizarre case of Renaissance Hotels’ Facebook decline

Renaissance Hotels, the up-market brand now owned by Marriott, is on an inexplicable and precipitous slide… when it comes to Facebook likes.

In December, 2015, Reanaissance’s Facebook page was nearing a coveted 1,000,000 likes when it began a dramatic and steady downslope. As of today, the page is at 893,000 likes and still sliding.

Usually, social-media declines of this magnitude can be traced back to negative news events that led to changes in public perceptions. But a search for such announcements or news related to the brand only reveals a recent opening in Poland that garnered positive press and an announcement that it is going through a brand update that promises hotels that will be more reflective of the neighborhoods in which they’re located.

But nothing explains the two-and-a-half year slide on Facebook. Keep in mind that a loss of Likes on Facebook means that users are manually “Un-Liking” a page, so this is not just a matter of attrition or apathy. To be clear, it’s a big deal for the company’s marketing team.

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