June 27, 2018

The fight between Airbnb and New York City is heating up

The company is accusing New York City lawmakers of being paid off by the hotel industry, days before a crucial hearing.

Airbnb is stepping up its ongoing battle with New York City, days before a crucial hearing that it says could limit the company’s prospects in one of its largest markets.

Last week, a New York City Council committee is set to hold a public hearing on a bill that would require disclosure of names and addresses of hosts on its platform, a move Airbnb opposes. Today, Airbnb is releasing a report accusing over a dozen council members of bias because they’ve received campaign contributions from the hotel industry.

Airbnb’s report tallies donations of more than $450,000 going to 15 council members over four years from donors Airbnb described as part of the hotel industry, including the Hotel Trades Council, a union for hotel workers.

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