January 16, 2013

This will be the year of The Drop

We will drop social from social media as all media is social; we will drop digital and mobile from digital & mobile marketing as all marketing is digital and mobile; we will drop advertising from advertising agency as their future is in helping clients creatively realize opportunities.

In Part One of Fast Company's 2013 marketing forecast, a number of high-level creative types were asked for their educated predictions on how their jobs and the marketing landscape would change in 2013.

Now, Fast Company is passing the mic to the strategists. These are the people who are said to represent the consumer in the marketing process - they’re the masters of research, the experts in media and culture that are responsible for generating brand insights and opportunities.

The magazine asked them what were the big shifts in consumer and media trends that would impact marketing and the wider cultural trends feeding these changes. They’ve got a lot on their minds, apparently, so settle in for a long and enlightening read.

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