April 02, 2013

Three technology trends that are transforming meetings

While virtual meetings technology won’t ever replace the networking, brainstorming, and relationship building that happens at face-to-face meetings, they are going to play an important role, and will continue to transform the meeting industry.

Strap yourself in, because, when it comes to meetings technology, we’re in for “a really fun ride,” says meetings technology expert Corbin Ball, founder of Corbin Ball Associates. He predicts that in the next few years we’re going to see some amazing changes” driven by three technology trends:

1. Everything Goes Online. As businesses become Web-based, so does the business of planning meetings. New technologies have made it cheaper, faster, and easier to manage meetings using online applications.

2. Wi-Fi Continues to be the Lifeblood of Event Communication.The demand for Wi-Fi will continue to grow exponentially and meeting facilities will need to adapt to retain business.

3. Virtual and hybrid meetings. Hybrid meetings are hot right now, and we’ll see more of them as it becomes cheaper and easier to extend a face-to-face meeting to a greater audience.

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