September 10, 2013

TMCs challenge Amadeus report on self-booking trend

Senior corporate travel figures have dismissed claims that self-booking by business travelers has surpassed the volume of transactions handled by travel management companies. A new report by Amadeus claims 66% of business travelers have access to self-booking tools.

Figures from an Amadeus survey of business travellers and hosted buyers suggest 66% had access to self-booking tools at the time of publication in January and 60% used them.

Amadeus marketing director Rob Sinclair-Barnes highlighted the figures at a World Travel Market (WTM) roundtable on travel and technology in London on Thursday night.

But the figures were challenged by Advantage Travel Centres corporate director Ken McLeod who said: “It is nonsense to say 60% are doing their own booking.

“Sixty per cent of business travellers do not book themselves and that is borne out by the amount of business done through TMCs. I would say it’s less than 25%.”

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