March 29, 2012

Today’s 5 top analytical problems

At the beginning of March, the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit was held in San Francisco and hundreds of people sat at round tables to discuss their contemporary "5 Top Problems in Marketing Analytics."

1. Data is much easier to spell than to use. Now that digital analysts are responsible for conjuring up deep, valuable insights out of a steady stream of amazingly disparate data sources, we've come face to face with the complexity of the task.

Collecting data, getting it all in one place, and matching it up with data from an alternative universe is hard work. This was described in 2005 as the problem of: data proliferation: multiple sources, reports, and integration.

The additional insult to this injury is the astonishing proliferation of data types (the data deluge) and the inflated effort necessary to transform them into a cohesive base. Data from social, mobile, video, in-store, in-vehicle, inside-your-head-via-fMRI machines are all required and more is on the way tomorrow afternoon.

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