November 05, 2012

Top hotel guest rants and raves in 2012

TrustYou surveyed one million hotel guest comments to find out what are the most talked about tops and flops. The key takeaways: The number of positive comments far outnumbers the negative, and great service has nearly nine times the number of comments as unprofessional or incompetent service.

Top rants by hotel guests in 2012 (followed by the number of mentions):

1. Unprofessional/incompetent service (11785)

2. Small room (8669)

3. Expensive/overpriced (8390)

4. Tasteless, bad breakfast (8243)

5. Bad food (5956)

6. Dirty room (5439)

7. Unfriendly service (5123)

8. Bad bathroom (4600)

9. Bad service (4266)

10. Loud, noisy room (4123)

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