July 18, 2013

Top level strategies on how to reduce OTA dependency

OTAs and travel meta search engines are extremely advanced and continuously evolving, making it a challenging environment for hoteliers trying to increase direct, non commissionable, web business. Here are some top level strategies to reduce OTA dependency.

Some of the top strategies highlighted in article:

- Hold fast with competitive rates. It may seem quite obvious, but a consistency in pricing conveys an affinity between service offering, quality and value. Leave flash sales to be genuine, needs based campaigns, rather than having year round sales.

- Whilst it’s paramount to ensure your site has rate parity, a commonly overlooked element of reducing OTA dependency is content parity. Imagery, descriptions and facilities information should be consistent across all channels.

- Focus on the benefits of booking directly with you and create promises around this. If the OTAs can promise more, improve your offering.

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