March 24, 2014

Travel marketers need to think differently to engage, convert, and retain customers

A new report examines some interesting behavioral differences between leading retail and travel companies. It seems obvious that it is a very different experience shopping for that perfect holiday compared to buying your next pair of shoes, but just how different?

We have long known that conversion rates and purchase cycles vary greatly between the travel and retail sectors but how to act based on these differences have been less clear. The insights unveiled in this report are not only interesting, but illustrate a clear opportunity for travel businesses to boost conversion rates by delivering customer experiences that are underpinned by data driven insights.

Whether it’s welcoming visitors with a hyperlocal message or optimizing search functionality, through insight into visitor behavior travel businesses can get ahead of their competition and make up some ground on retail websites.

The key insights included:

- The mobile visitor presents a greater opportunity for travel businesses
- The typical media mix for a travel business differs greatly to that of a retailer
- Site search is critical for travel businesses but smarter user segmentation is required
- Cart abandonment offers travel websites a huge opportunity compared with retail
- First impressions are especially important for travel sites as they need to make their customers return
- Travel visitors repeat purchase more quickly than retail

Download the report at Qubit (free registration)