March 05, 2013

Travel review photo-sharing app Triptease launches

The site offers travel reviews in an image-led, highly shareable format, where users can create content similar to a piece of editorial in a glossy magazine and share it with like-minded travellers.

The platform’s creators say the site is built to ensure the highest quality reviews get precedence - users can find and follow each other, using a similar mechanism to Twitter, and tap into a ‘people like us’ mentality.

The review process involves people uploading a favourite photo, adding some text and using one of six design templates to instantly create a travel memory. Users can then click through from the site to book the reviewed location.

Alasdair Snow, co-founder and product manager at Triptease, said that while existing travel reviews are faceless and text-driven, their new site focuses on images and linking users to their social media profiles.

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