September 14, 2018

Travel tech startups are scooping up VC cash by the bucketload

Online travel platforms are hot. At least that‘s what the recent flurry of venture capital investments that have landed in tech startups’ laps suggests.

This week, Paris-based Evaneos announced an $81 million round of funding led by Partech, taking the startup’s total funding to $109 million. Evaneos is an online marketplace that lets you tailor and book experiences using local travel agents anywhere in the world.

The broader online travel market is estimated to become a $1 trillion-dollar industry by 2022, according to some reports, with emerging markets, including China and India, helping drive demand for travel booking platforms. But accommodation and transport services are only part of the picture - Evaneos represents part of a growing trend that has seen experience-focused platforms gain momentum.

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