June 02, 2016

Travelers most receptive to ads when beginning to research

It is much easier to influence the booking of a frequent traveler than coax a trip out of an infrequent one, according to a report from Expedia.

“The British Traveler’s Path to Purchase” examines the devices and resources used by British travelers and found that frequent travelers are five times more likely to notice travel advertising. Better understanding the purchase journey for consumers can help marketers position themselves to increase market share.

Three out of four UK residents consume travel content digitally, and the January and February numbers in 2016 were up 82 percent year over year, spurred largely by more mobile browsing.

The purchase journey generally included three different resources and 18.2 visits to travel sites per week in the 45 days prior to booking. The growing millennial population – a quarter of whom travel with friends – average even higher rates.

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