June 30, 2015

For hotels the time is ripe for experimentation

According to a panel at last weeks Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit in London, OTAs have reshaped the profit-and-loss story of the past few years, but if hoteliers have a firm grip on their own stories and who their customers are, OTAs should have a decreased part to play going forward.

Any initiative to differentiate a hotel from the competition is on the table for discussion as the cycle moves closer to the peak, according to hoteliers attending the recent Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit 2015.

At a leaders’ session at the conference, panelists said the time is ripe for experimentation, particularly as individuality, personalization and localization are firmly on consumers’ wish lists.

Creating further opportunities for differentiation is the fact that distribution is getting ever more complicated (and also more personalized). Hoteliers are mostly all making good returns as well.

There is room right now for a whole host of plausible ideas, panelists said.

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