March 28, 2013

TripAdvisor introduces new property dashboard

The new Property Dashboard, now available to Business Listings subscribers, includes in-depth competitor metrics, local market trends, page view data and more. The Snapshot – available to all registered users – helps you easily measure your daily performance on TripAdvisor.

Put the power of tripadvisor analytics to work for your business! the snapshot and Property dashboard, available in the management Center, capture the full spectrum of analytics generated by your property, visitors, competitors and marketplace. they provide actionable data to help you build more dynamic strategies for your business.

The snapshot highlights the key metrics you need to measure your property’s day-to-day performance. advanced users with a business Listing have access to a Property dashboard that includes competitor metrics, local market trends, cumulative page views and more. this guide reviews the details of how to use each report.

- The Snapshot helps you track your performance on tripadvisor each week. Watching this data over time will help you spot trends and patterns that could have an impact on your business’ success.

- The Property dashboard is only available to business Listings subscribers. it provides in-depth market insights that can be used to develop more effective strategies.

Get the full story at TripAdvisor (PDF 240 KB) and Revinate