July 13, 2017

Two travel agencies testing Sabre’s new chatbot

Sabre is testing chatbot technology with two travel agencies, Travel Solutions International USA and Casto Travel, to handle simple client service and support requests such as flight reservation changes.

Travelers will access the chatbot, powered by Microsoft Bot Framework and Microsoft Cognitive Services, through Facebook Messenger, and it will pass any requests it cannot handle to a live travel agent. Sabre plans to use the trial to gather data on how often travelers use the chatbot and when they need to divert to a live agent.

“Travelers want technology to deliver a more seamless experience, especially when managing on-the-go changes and disruptions,” said Mark McSpadden, vice president – emerging technology and products of Sabre Corporation. “Together with Microsoft and our agency partners, we are exploring how AI and chatbots can provide travelers with the self-service solutions they want for routine requests while helping travel agencies provide personal service for more complex needs.”

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