May 08, 2013

Upsells and cross-sells in travel: It’s a timing thing

In the booking process, upsells and cross-sells of ancillary services hit two key needs for travel firms. One, these recommendations allow you to help customers build packages that offer more robust travel experiences. And two, they represent a significant opportunity to drive incremental revenue on each booking.

Travel research firm PhoCusWright, which just released its U.S. Consumer Travel Report: Fifth Edition, collaborated with Monetate to explore travelers’ preferences for upsells and cross-sells when booking travel online.

Here are some of the key findings:

- People are not going to buy ancillaries for every single trip, it’s very situational. There’s a large portion of travelers that will sometimes be in-market, and sometimes not.

- Many people want to see ancillaries offered at multiple touchpoints. It’s not just at one point. They want to see it when

- Hotels are a bit stronger for interest in the ancillaries versus airlines. For a lot of people, the hotel piece is where they want to indulge.

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