December 20, 2012

Using social evangelism to drive revenue

Everything from final sale attribution, to number of touch points, to social’s influence on various aspects of the marketing and sales funnel, plays a role in companies benefiting from and measuring the results of social media.

Zappos engages in Social Activation by allowing customers to easily share their purchases across Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, which results in tangible monetary benefits. For each ‘Share’, Zappos earns $33.66 on Twitter, $2.08 on Facebook, and $0.75 on Pinterest in incremental revenue.

The brilliance of facilitating and promot­ing social endorsement comes from the fact that this revenue does not actually rely on Zappos’ so­cial media presence, but rather it relies on the social graphs of their customers. When a customer ‘Shares’ a Zappos purchase, they post it to their own social network rather than a Zappos-owned presence, by­passing the need for a strong social following on Zappos’ part.

While a strong social presence is essen­tial for overall success, what sets Zappos apart from other companies successful in social engagement is their ability to leverage consumers to sell products for them. Gartner believes that 50% of all web sales will soon come from social and mobile, and if the $33.66 Zappos earns for every pur­chase shared on Twitter is any indication of influ­ence potential, they’re right on track.

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