June 07, 2013

VFM Leonardo and Travelocity extend relationship

Travelocity and VFM Leonardo Now Working Together to Provide Online Hotel Shoppers with Enhanced Visual Experiences on Desktop and Mobile Websites.

Travelocity and VFM Leonardo have had a long history of success. Travelocity has been using VFM Leonardo’s VScape as their visual content management system since 2008 and will continue as such under a recently renewed agreement.

Travelocity and affiliate sites access and manage more than 1.5 million photo images for 140,000 global hotel properties using the system. In addition to continuing to provide Travelocity with a leading digital asset management platform, VFM Leonardo’s VPowered display technology will be used to display visual content of hotels on Travelocity’s global network of websites. The agreement extends beyond desktop websites as Travelocity has adopted The VPowered Mobile Media Galleries for their smartphone and tablet websites and future mobile apps.

In keeping up with travel shopper demands for richer visuals throughout the hotel research and booking process, Travelocity collaborated with VFM Leonardo to introduce an embedded visual content display that will be rolled out progressively across Travelocity Global sites including lastminute.com in Europe.

Hotels that subscribe to VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure Online Merchandising System have the added benefit of providing shoppers with a fuller and richer experience as their customized version of the VPowered Multi-Media Player will display on their property listings on Travelocity and its affiliate sites including mobile sites and apps.

“Online travel shoppers are looking for visual experiences while researching and booking hotels. By renewing our agreement with VFM Leonardo and adopting the VPowered display technology across all our channels we are able to continue to fulfill travel shoppers needs by giving them engaging and dynamic visual experiences on all the devices they use to access our websites and apps,” says Louis Tan, Product Manager from Travelocity.

“We are pleased to be providing an innovative leader like Travelocity with our digital asset management solution and media display technology. By enhancing their visual content display, Travelocity and its affiliates continue to ensure their visitors are getting the best and most engaging experiences which leads to increased conversions,” says Paolo Boni, CEO of VFM Leonardo.

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