November 23, 2012

Visual storytelling the future of online hotel marketing

For hotel marketers, leveraging web marketing best practices - namely, engaging travelers with feature-rich content, high-quality images and videos, and detailed, up-to-date property and local information - will be the key to staying in front of the competitive curve, according to a new VFM Leonardo report.

2012 was a year of rapid evolution in online hotel marketing. Thanks to a quickly growing online travel agency presence, an expanding mobile space, social media and corporate channels, travelers have more options for researching and booking travel than ever before. They’re consuming high-quality images and videos while doing their travel shopping on different devices, through different platforms, and from multiple locations.

These evolving trends mean it’s more important than ever for hotel marketers to be prepared, adaptable and to engage travelers in new ways. The good news is, as the internet generation becomes more mature and the web more ingrained in our lives, there are statistics and research available to help us predict travelers’ behavior.

A new VFM Leonardo report takes a closer look at five key areas that the company believes hotel marketers need to focus on in 2013:

1. Making the most of visual merchandising on third party travel websites
2. The high-growth of mobile
3. Surging social media
4. Capturing corporate travel opportunities
5. Content-rich web marketing

Download the full report at VFM Leonardo