February 01, 2013

What mobile means to Expedia

The race to target the sophisticated mobile traveller is hotting up as OTAs plan to extend their desktop success in the mobile arena. There are several factors that now make mobile a force to reckon with in the distribution space.

After being sidelined by mobile specialist agencies, the likes of Expedia and Priceline are upping their game. “Mobile has become core to our business and will be a main focus of growth for our industry over the coming year. We are a market place; people come to us to explore a broad range of hotel booking options and we need to make sure we provide the selection required,” says Galles.

Choice and variety are important for travellers and as a result OTAs are making sure their mobile apps and mobile websites allow users to quickly find the right hotel and book easily – providing travellers everything they need to research and book on the go.

“We have more than 130 mobile sites in more than 60 countries and 35 languages and need to stand out in each one. Although building good mobile sites and apps takes resources, so does localising them in foreign languages and accepting foreign currency but this is work that Expedia does on hotel partners’ behalf. In fact, hotel partners don’t have to do anything as we do this automatically,” says Galles, clearly indicating that OTAs are now planning to extend their desktop expertise in the mobile arena.

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