March 01, 2013

Why are hotels still lagging behind in social media?

With the travel industry being so focused on customer service and positive reviews, you would think that making use of social media was a given. However, recent research found that more than one in 10 hospitality operators do not use any social media and more than 60% of those questioned said that they only see limited opportunity in investing in that area.

Too many brands are still dragging their heels by creating a Facebook or Twitter page but not investing any real time in it, often leaving page management to a marketing junior who only has an hour or two a week to schedule a few posts, maybe retweet a few happy customers.

It’s little wonder that so many companies feel that social does not offer any return on investment when strategy is being completely ignored. A good social plan takes time, planning and a lot of care.

Virginia Suliman, vice president of digital design and development for Hilton Worldwide, described Hilton’s strategy as “focussed on cultivating relationships and using these tools to better serve our guests and become their preferred hotel choice.”

Social media is about the big picture, adding value to the brand rather than simply driving up sales to reach the weekly target.

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