October 31, 2018

Why hotel metasearch is inherently flawed

The very promise to compare rates on hundreds of sites for the same hotel is what makes hotel metasearch inherently flawed.

Back in 2003 to 2005, there were dozens of online travel agencies and hundreds of affiliate sites giving hotel metasearch relevance.

The issue today is that many of those OTAs and affiliate sites are nonexistent after many went out of business or were acquired by bigger OTAs. On top of that, hoteliers became more savvy revenue and channel managers and began to enforce rate parity across the board.

As a result, today there are only three websites worth travel shoppers’ time when researching the best price for the hotel they have chosen: two OTA sites (Booking.com and Expedia) and the hotel’s own website. What is there left to compare with only two OTAs left in much of the world?

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