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Google apparently manipulating search results

Faced with competition from specialty search services like Yelp, Expedia, TripAdvisor and others, Google's response has been to first create clones of these services and then use its search engine dominance to play up those services, claims a new report published this week.

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Loews’ campaign features social media photos

Loews Hotels’ first campaign in two years features photos posted to social media by actual guests. The hotel group has discarded camera crews and models, and went searching through the social media posts of thousands of guests, looking for photos posted on Loews properties for their new campaign.

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When to buy in or bypass ‘by chain’ taglines

By” could be the longest two-letter word in hotel branding, as evidenced by the recent announcement by Hilton Worldwide Holdings that it would add the “by Hilton” endorsement to its Embassy Suites and Hampton Hotels properties in the U.S. Those brands already carried the “by Hilton” tagline internationally.

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Travel reviews lead in conversion

Reviews are important, we know that already. But a new study on the impact of reviews in six industries in the UK now shows, that travel is the clear leader when it comes to conversion. Almost a quarter said they booked the hotel after reading the reviews.

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