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3 key tools for success in hotel online marketing

A day in the life of a hotel marketer is filled with a laundry list of “important, must do” activities. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the essentials needed to be successful. We’re talking about the critical role photos, virtual tours and videos play in a hotel’s online marketing activities to help hit those sales goals.

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How to get hotel guests to tweet

What does it take to encourage guests decide to whip-out their smartphone and tweet about their experiences, or to post an update to their Facebook or Instagram account? Nothing more than a punctilious approach to providing for guest needs and a fervent spirit of hospitality.

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Dusit partners ReviewPro

ReviewPro, a provider of online reputation and social media analytics for the hotel industry, has signed a strategic partnership with Dusit International. Under the agreement, Dusit will use ReviewPro’s online guest satisfaction solution, which provides critical insight into operational and service strengths and weaknesses.

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