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Airbnb listings mostly illegal, state contends

Airbnb, the pioneering home rental service, presents itself as useful and virtuous, but the reality is far less benign, according to a new report, which reveals nearly three-quarters of all Airbnb rentals in the city are illegal, violating zoning or other laws.

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Google defends flight search

In a keynote address this week in Germany, Google chairman Eric Schmidt admitted any deeper functionality around searching for flights and travel products is “kind of complicated”. Yet, in his words "Google Flight Search has become a handy aid to flyers, without displacing the established travel players."

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How hits the content sweet spot

Whilst content creators will never rival the breadth and depth of Tripadvisor, Tripadvisor itself is looking a little more prosaic these days. Maybe it needs a revamp to look as nice as this small content project from lastminute, a simple but impactful piece of content marketing.

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Expedia comes on strong as OTA wars heat up

Expedia has spent the last two years building new systems - in technology, marketing and how it charges for hotel rooms (increasingly at checkout vs. at booking). And Expedia's new vigor comes as the travel industry enjoys gaining strength from recessionary lows.

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Airbnb and Uber face some harsh realities

While they have found a loyal and happy user base, they are facing tough resistance from not just the taxi and hotel industries they are disrupting, but also political and social resistance from quarters they probably never imagined when they started their businesses.

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