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China’s OTAs enter “industry-wide loss-making era”

While the growth pie is big and luring, the road to a slice of it might be thorny and costly for China's OTAs. While three of the major Chinese OTAs have already announced losses for the third quarter of this year,, the largest Chinese OTA, just predicted it would make a loss of more than $64.6 million in Q4.

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Ryanair is heralding a new partnership with that allows its customers to book accommodation at more than half a million hotels - although its chief rival EasyJet has had a deal with already for two years.

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Expedia taps growing Hong Kong mobile market

Expedia is leveraging the exponential growth in mobile bookings with a new tablet app, even as it urges hotels and airlines to make available suitable inventory for the channel. The new Expedia tablet app offers a streamlined search function and federated search, allowing users to view hotel and flight prices simultaneously.

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