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Facebook tells travel sector to be more aggressive on mobile
23 May, 2018

How to survive Google’s new local search world
23 May, 2018

Hotels finding ways to influence, share guests’ photos
22 May, 2018

How travel marketers should use Facebook’s new Trip Consideration tool
18 May, 2018

How tourism boards entice different travelers with a single marketing campaign
17 May, 2018

Facebook marketing for hotels (infographic)
16 May, 2018

Google to notify reviewers when businesses respond
15 May, 2018

Would you book your next holiday on Instagram or Whatsapp?
14 May, 2018

Google Maps goes beyond directions
14 May, 2018

Google Assistant to call restaurants and make reservations for you
09 May, 2018

Instagram adds new business tools focused on messaging, booking, payments
09 May, 2018

Why TripAdvisor Sponsored Placement ads must come with live rates
08 May, 2018

Report: 6 travel companies with brilliant digital strategies
07 May, 2018

Google tests highlights icons in hotels’ local knowledge panels
04 May, 2018

How to deal with declining organic reach on Facebook
04 May, 2018

Study shows travel websites should tighten cybersecurity
03 May, 2018

Is your hotel selling rooms or experiences?
02 May, 2018

Introducing hotel campaigns on Google Hotel Ads
01 May, 2018

New feature on Google Hotel Ads: Occupancy filters
01 May, 2018

Gmail Redesign: 5 things marketers need to know
27 Apr, 2018

Uber is now a shopping platform
26 Apr, 2018

How the economy of paid reviews flourishes
24 Apr, 2018

Google Hotels: Not the magic bullet for vacation rentals
23 Apr, 2018

Can you trust influencer marketing to deliver real engagement that leads to sales?
19 Apr, 2018

Facebook to put 1.5 billion users out of reach of GDPR
19 Apr, 2018

How TripAdvisor is using AI to “humanize” its review community
18 Apr, 2018

Why do you leave restaurant reviews?
18 Apr, 2018

How Facebook lets brands and politicians target you
16 Apr, 2018

Kayak enables flight notifications on Amazon Echo
13 Apr, 2018

Google testing vacation rentals callout on hotel ads
13 Apr, 2018

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