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OTAs beating hotels badly in mobile technology
09 Mar, 2016

Google Search gets Destinations, a mobile-only feature for planning your next vacation
09 Mar, 2016

Where will SEO go this year?
08 Mar, 2016

Hyatt Hotels CMO on engaging consumers on their own terms
03 Mar, 2016

Google further updates mobile travel experience
03 Mar, 2016

How Millennials and Baby Boomers want to receive updates and promotions
03 Mar, 2016

Why Airbnb has a data scientist on every leadership team
02 Mar, 2016

Google loves fast sites, but most hotels are lagging way behind
02 Mar, 2016

How internet behavior is changing around the world
01 Mar, 2016

HOTREC and TripAdvisor join forces to call for faithful behaviour on online review platforms
29 Feb, 2016

The future of advertising is native social commerce
29 Feb, 2016

Expedia’s top tips on using creativity and data science to boost your brand
25 Feb, 2016

Instagram now among top five travel marketing channels
25 Feb, 2016

Google removes AdWords ads from sidebar
24 Feb, 2016

McKinsey’s consumer decision journey
23 Feb, 2016

How Marriott checks in mobile, from bookings to travel assistance
22 Feb, 2016

A guide to hotel data and analytics
19 Feb, 2016

Hilton infuses mobile throughout mass and personalized appeals
19 Feb, 2016

SEO has evolved to search ‘experience’ optimization
17 Feb, 2016

What guests really think of your hotel
15 Feb, 2016

It’s time to rethink the millennial mom
15 Feb, 2016

The modern-day CMO: 7 trends that will drive digital marketing success
12 Feb, 2016

Twitter is losing customers
11 Feb, 2016

Why Millennials have stopped loving Facebook
08 Feb, 2016

Google’s new mobile travel search makes web results almost irrelevant
05 Feb, 2016

Google search is about to get a lot smarter
05 Feb, 2016

What’s the future of WhatsApp?
04 Feb, 2016

Report: iOS users in the U.K. travel 40% more than Android users
03 Feb, 2016

Uber revealed a new logo, confusing everyone
03 Feb, 2016

The end of Twitter
02 Feb, 2016

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