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CWT: Travel managers prioritizing policy compliance, savings

February 01, 2013

CWT indicated that it "asked travel managers to select their top five travel management priorities for 2013 and rank them in order of importance. The responses were weighted to take into account how often each priority was ranked" first, second, third, fourth or fifth.

With the exception of Asia/Pacific, lowest on the travel managers' priority list in all regions this year among the 11 categories included in the report was "environment," with meetings and events as second-lowest and safety and security as third-lowest.

The environment, identified by 8 percent of respondents as a 2013 priority, "has consistently ranked at the bottom of the list of traveler managers' priorities over the past few years," according to CWT. "One reason may be that the economic slowdown has naturally led to lower carbon emissions than expected and therefore less pressure to make improvements, but this situation will not last. Tighter regulation, combined with demand from stakeholders, will encourage more companies to track their carbon footprint from all areas of activity, including travel."

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