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Meeting trends for 2013, according Benchmark Hospitality

February 01, 2013

Benchmark Hotels & Resorts announces the "Top Ten Meeting Trends for 2013" as observed by its properties:

Trend #1: Steady As She Goes ... Meeting demand is improving at an encouraging pace to start the New Year. Many organizations have a positive outlook for 2013, but still remain cautious with long term meeting commitments.

Trend #2: Rates Are On The Rise … With increased demand, group rates are advancing commensurately, depending on the location and the market. Meeting planning professionals are still in the driver's seat and they know it. Pricing is least sensitive within new industries and new media companies that are on a strong growth path.

Trend #3: CMP=Completely “Customized” Package … Expectations are heightened for the creative and unique delivery of the industry’s Complete Meeting Package. It's not that meeting planning professionals don't like packaging or see its value. They just want that CMP acronym to now mean "customized meeting package" - customized to their unique meeting needs and budget. Gone are the days when a CMP was one size fits all.

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