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Scandinavian hotel groups pull rooms from Expedia over rate parity dispute

December 18, 2012

The dispute, according to company representatives, stems primarily from ongoing questions of rate parity—namely the ability for operators to offer the lowest rates on their proprietary websites.

“We are not agreeing on that for the past six years. … We want to have independent distribution for all our hotel rooms,” said Bjørnar Tretterud, First Hotels’ VP of sales and marketing.

First Hotels was the first company to pull its inventory when it did so in September, although the operator alleges Expedia had been blocking its 61-hotel inventory since the middle of June.

“We canceled our contract in September after a series of very bad negotiations meetings where Expedia, in my personal opinion, brings nothing to the table and has a long list of new understandings of our contract,” Tretterud said.

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