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Vizergy on how to digitally upsell your hotel

June 20, 2012

In today’s competitive and complex world of hospitality digital marketing, bookings often seem like the best end result. You’ve successfully created visibility, engaged travel shoppers and enticed them to book a room. However, along guests’ journeys to your hotel, and even during their stays, there are plenty of opportunities to nurture your relationship with them and add to your revenue by upselling. Let’s take a look at five ways your property can capitalize.

1) Sell your property’s unique amenities and opportunities on your website.

Technically, this step starts before shoppers are guests. This step may also seem obvious, but there are countless hotel websites that fail to emphasize amenities, packages and other add-ons that go beyond the rooms. From room service, to restaurants, to bars, to spas, to packages and more, all properties with anything to offer beyond the rooms should highlight these offerings on their independent websites. Professional copy and images, including dedicated pages and even photo galleries (with calls to actions directing visitors to them), should be the norm. Upselling can account for 10%, 20% or even more of guests’ total charges, depending on the type of property. Don’t miss out – tell shoppers and guests what you have to offer.

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